Sounds like this is tooz[1] ;)

The api for tooz (soon to be an oslo library @ is around coordination and 
'service-group' like behavior so I hope we don't have duplicates of this in 
'oslo.healthcheck' instead of just using/contributing to tooz instead.

- watch_join_group
- unwatch_join_group
- join_group
- get_members
- ...

Tooz has backends that use [redis, zookeeper, memcache] to achieve the above 
API (it also has some locking support for distributed locks as well).

Feel free to jump on #openstack-state-management if u want more info (jd and 
the enovance guys and myself have developed that library for this kind of 


On Nov 13, 2014, at 10:58 PM, Jastrzebski, Michal 
<> wrote:

> Also, on "Common approach to HA" session we moved something like 
> oslo.healthcheck (or whatever it will be called), common lib for 
> service-group like behavior. In my opinion it's pointless to implement 
> zookeeper management in every project separately (its already in nova..). 
> Might be worth looking closely into this topic.

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