The WSME development team has released version 0.6.2, which includes several 
bug fixes.

$ git log --oneline --no-merges 0.6.1..0.6.2
2bb9362 Fix passing Dict/Array based UserType as params
ea9f71d Document next version changes
4e68f96 Allow non-auto-registered complex type
292c556 Make the flask adapter working with flask.ext.restful
c833702 Avoid Sphinx 1.3x in the tests
6cb0180 Doc: status= -> status_code=
4441ca7 Minor documentation edits
2c29787 Fix tox configuration.
26a6acd Add support for manually specifying supported content types in 
7cee58b Fix broken sphinx tests.
baa816c fix errors/warnings in tests
2e1863d Use APIPATH_MAXLEN from the right module

Please report issues through launchpad or the #wsme 
channel on IRC.


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