Thanks, hopefully this helps in the short-term before we have the whole pinning situation worked out and implemented and such (which I believe is underway). These jobs will help make sure myself (and others) are aware of the things happening on stable icehouse and such; prior it wasn't so easily seen.

Matthew Treinish wrote:
Hi everyone,

Earlier today merged which adds stable
compat jobs to most of the oslo libraries. This was done in reaction to 2
separate incidents in the past 2 days where both oslo.vmware and taskflow landed
changes that added new requirements which weren't in stable/icehouse global
requirements. This broke all the stable/icehouse dsvm jobs, which basically
blocked stable backports to icehouse, juno as well as all tempest and
devstack-gate changes. (among other things)

So in the short-term for future changes that add new requirements the
requirements have to be added to stable global requirements before they change
will be able to land on master. This has been the policy for all the libraries
that installed from git on stable branches (the client libs have stable compat
jobs for this reason) but was just not being enforced on oslo libs prior to

-Matt Treinish

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