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From: Dmitriy Shulyak
Sent: Friday, November 21, 2014 12:57:45 AM
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Subject: Re: [openstack-dev] [Fuel] fuel master monitoring

I have nothing against using some 3rd party service. But I thought this was to 
be small -- disk monitoring only & notifying the user, not stats collecting. 
That's why I added the code to Fuel codebase. If you want external service you 
need to remember about such details as, say, duplicate settings (database 
credentials at least) and I thought this was an overkill for such simple 

Yes, it will be much more complex than simple daemon that creates notifications 
but our application is operating in isolated containers, and most of the 
resources cant be discovered from any particular container. So if we will want 
to extend it, with another task, like monitoring pool of dhcp addresses - we 
will end up with some kindof server-agent architecture, and this is a lot of 
work to do

Also, for a 3rd party service, notification injecting code still needs to be 
written as a plugin -- that's why I also don't think Ruby is a good idea :)

Afaik there is a way to write python plugins for sensu, but if there is 
monitoring app  in python, that have friendly support for extensions, I am +1 
for python

So in the end I don't know if we'll have that much less code with a 3rd party 
service. But if you want a statistics collector then maybe it's OK.

I think that monitoring application is fits there, and we kindof already 
introducing our whell for collecting
statistic from openstack. I would like to know what guys who was working on 
stats in 6.0 thinking about it. So it is TBD

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