1/ assertFalse() vs assertEqual(x, False) - these are semantically
different because of python's notion of truthiness, so I don't think
we ought to make this a rule.

2/ expected/actual - incorrect failure messages have cost me more time
than I should admit to. I don't see any reason not to try to improve
in this area, even if it's difficult to automate.

3/ warn{ing} - 

On the overarching point: There is no way to get started with
OpenStack, other than starting small.  My first ever patch (a tidy-up)
was rejected for being trivial, and that was confusing and
disheartening. Nova has a lot on its plate, sure, and plenty of
pending code reviews.  But there is also a lot of inconsistency and
unloved code which *is* worth fixing, because a tidy codebase is a joy
to work with, *and* these changes are ideal to bring new reviewers and
developers into the project.

Linus' post on this from the LKML is almost a decade old (!) but worth reading.


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