Suppose we have a cinder backend in local.conf | cinder.conf as :

nfs_mount_options = nfsvers=3
volume_backend_name = myNFSBackend
volume_driver = cinder.volume.drivers.netapp.common.NetAppDriver
netapp_server_hostname = IP
netapp_server_port = 80
netapp_storage_protocol = nfs
netapp_storage_family = ontap_cluster
netapp_login = admin
netapp_password = password
netapp_vserver = vserver_name
nfs_shares_config = /opt/stack/nfs.shares

We would like to access some of such cinder backend configuration
information from Heat. More specifically from custom resource inside the
Heat (e.g. access the netapp_server_hostname, netapp_login, netapp_password
etc. when defining a custom resource class extending the base Resource
class). The purpose is to facilitate some (soap) service call to the
backend storage from custom resource definitions.

What is the best pattern/mechanism available? Any pointers to code/doc will
be highly appreciated.

Does any database table holds the local.conf (or service specific conf)

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