Hi all,

        I'm becoming increasingly concerned about all of the code paths
in tripleo-incubator that check $USE_IRONIC -eq 0 -- that is, use
nova-baremetal rather than Ironic. We do not check nova-bm support in
CI, haven't for at least a month, and I'm concerned that parts of it
may be slowly bit-rotting.

        I think our documentation is fairly clear that nova-baremetal is
deprecated and Ironic is the way forward, and I know it flies in the
face of backwards-compatibility, but do we want to bite the bullet and
remove nova-bm support?

Oh, in case you got covered in that Repulsion Gel, here's some advice
the lab boys gave me: [paper rustling] DO NOT get covered in the
Repulsion Gel.
         - Cave Johnson, CEO of Aperture Science

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