On Dec 8, 2014, at 13:12, Jeremy Stanley <fu...@yuggoth.org> wrote:

> I'm dubious of this as it basically says "we know this breaks
> sometimes, so we're going to stop testing that it works at all and
> possibly let it get even more broken, but you should be safe to rely
> on it anyway."

+1, it seems bad to enable something everywhere *except* the gate.

I prefer the original suggestion to include a config option that is by default 
disabled that a user can enable if they want.

From what I understand, the feature works "most of the time" and I don't see 
why a user is guaranteed not to encounter the same conditions that happen in 
the gate. For that reason I think it makes sense to be an experimental, opt-in 
by config, feature.

melanie (melwitt)

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