Hi all,

So, I have set up a devstack ironic setup for baremetal deployment. I
have been able to deploy a baremetal node successfully using
pxe_ipmitool driver. Now, I am trying to boot a server where I already
have a bootloader i.e. I don't need pxelinux to go and fetch kernel and
initrd images for me. I want to transfer them directly.

I checked out the code and figured out that there are dhcp opts
available, that are modified using pxe_utils.py, changing it didn't
help. Then I moved to ironic.conf, but here also I only see an option to
add pxe_bootfile_name, which is exactly what I want to avoid. Can anyone
please help me with this situation? I don't want to go through
pxelinux.0 bootloader, I just directly want to transfer kernel and
initrd images.


Peeyush Gupta

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