> On Dec 11, 2014, at 8:43 AM, Jay Pipes <jaypi...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm generally in favor of making name attributes opaque, utf-8 strings that 
> are entirely user-defined and have no constraints on them. I consider the 
> name to be just a tag that the user places on some resource. It is the 
> resource's ID that is unique.
> I do realize that Nova takes a different approach to *some* resources, 
> including the security group name.
> End of the day, it's probably just a personal preference whether names should 
> be unique to a tenant/user or not.
> Maru had asked me my opinion on whether names should be unique and I answered 
> my personal opinion that no, they should not be, and if Neutron needed to 
> ensure that there was one and only one default security group for a tenant, 
> that a way to accomplish such a thing in a race-free way, without use of 
> SELECT FOR UPDATE, was to use the approach I put into the pastebin on the 
> review above.

I agree with Jay.  We should not care about how a user names the resource.  
There other ways to prevent this race and Jay’s suggestion is a good one.


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