The meeting did happen at 2100 UTC. Are you sure you went to 
#openstack-meeting-alt on Freenode?

I think bug 1308690 would be a great contribution. Please take ownership of 
that bug ticket, and begin!



On Dec 13, 2014, at 12:04 AM, Keyvan Mir Mohammad Sadeghi 
<<>> wrote:

Hi Adrian, Roshan, etc,

We tried to reach you via the IRC channel Tuesdays night 2100 UTC, but guess 
that meeting got cancelled?

We'd like to set a start for our contribution ASAP, so going through the list 
of bugs, the below one looked interesting:


Though I'm not sure this is the right one. Would you approve? If positive, are 
there any sources on the topic other than the bug page itself? And about the 
conventions you mentioned in the Skype call; what is the starting point, do we 
just submit a pull request referencing the bug number?

Kind regards,


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