Some files in neutron are common infrastructure to the VMWare neutron L2/L3 
plugin, and the services plugins.
These files wrap VMWare NSX and provide a python API to some NSX services.

This code is common to:
- VMWare L2/L3 plugin, which after the split should be held outside of 
openstack repo (e.g stackforge)
- neutron-lbaas, neutron-fwaas repos, which will hold the VMWare services 

With neutron split into multiple repos, in and out of openstack, we have the 
following options:
1. Duplicate the relevant code between the various repos - IMO a pretty bad 
choice for obvious reasons.

2. Keep the code in the VMWare L3/L4 plugin repo - which will add an import 
from the neutron-*aas repos to a repo which is outside of openstack.

3. Add these components to oslo.vmware project: oslo.vmware contains, as of 
now, a wrapper to vCenter API. The components in discussion wrap NSX API, which 
is out of vCenter scope. Therefore it’s not really a part of oslo.vmware scope 
as it is defined today, but is still a wrapper layer to a VMWare product.
We could extend the oslo.vmware scope to include wrappers to VMWare products, 
in general, and add the relevant components under oslo.vmware.network.nsx or 

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