On 12/15/2014 11:20 AM, Kobi Samoray wrote:
> 3. Add these components to oslo.vmware project: oslo.vmware contains, as of 
> now, a wrapper to vCenter API. The components in discussion wrap NSX API, 
> which is out of vCenter scope. Therefore it’s not really a part of 
> oslo.vmware scope as it is defined today, but is still a wrapper layer to a 
> VMWare product.
> We could extend the oslo.vmware scope to include wrappers to VMWare products, 
> in general, and add the relevant components under oslo.vmware.network.nsx or 
> similar.

This option sounds best to me, unless the NSX support brings in some
additional dependencies to oslo.vmware that warrant keeping it separate
from the existing oslo.vmware.

Russell Bryant

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