AFAIK, quota will expire in 24 hours

               help='Number of seconds until a reservation expires'),

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From:   "Eli Qiao(Li Yong Qiao)" <>
To:     "OpenStack Development Mailing List (not for usage questions)"
Date:   12/18/2014 04:34 PM
Subject:        [openstack-dev] [nova][resend with correct subject prefix] ask
            for usage of quota reserve

hi all,
can anyone tell if we call quotas.reserve() but never call quotas.commit()
or quotas.rollback().
what will happen?

for example:

   1.   when doing resize, we call quotas.reserve() to reservea a delta
      quota.(new_flavor - old_flavor)
   2.   for some reasons, nova-compute crashed, and not chance to call
      quotas.commit() or quotas.rollback() (called by finish_resize in
   3.   next time restart nova-compute server, is the delta quota still
      reserved , or do we need any other operation on quotas?

Thanks in advance

ps: this is related to patch : Handle RESIZE_PREP status when nova compute
do init_instance(

Thanks Eli Qiao(
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