I created a new scenario which scales on network and VM at same time.
If you have no objection I would like to send out a review this week
I actually have following reviews to do next week

  1.  Scenario for network stress I.e VM+ network with subnet with unique cidr. 
So in future we can add a router to this and do apt-get update from all Vms and 
test network scale
  2.  Scenario for booting Vms on every compute node in the cloud….This has a 
dependency right now this is admin access. So for this I need Item 3
  3.  Provide an ability to make rally created users have admin access for 
things like forced host scheduling . Planning to add this to user context
  4.  Iperf scenario we discussed

If you have objection to these I can submit reviews for these. Have the code 
need to write unit tests for the scenarios since looking at other reviews that 
seems to be the case


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Sorry for long reply.

At this point Rally supports only benchmarking from temporary created users and 

Fortunately today we merged this Network context class: 
it creates any amount of networks for each rally temporary tenant.

So basically you can use it and extend current benchmark scenarios in 
rally/benchmark/scenarios/nova/ or add new one that will attach N networks to 
created VM (which is just few lines of code). So task is quite easy resolvable 

Best regards,
Boris Pavlovic

On Wed, Nov 26, 2014 at 9:54 PM, Ajay Kalambur (akalambu) 
<akala...@cisco.com<mailto:akala...@cisco.com>> wrote:
Is there  a Rally scenario under works where we create N networks and associate 
N Vms with each network.
This would be a decent stress tests of neutron
Is there any such scale scenario in works
I see scenario for N networks, subnet creation and a separate one for N VM 
I am looking for an integration of these 2


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