> On Nov 12, 2014, at 3:32 PM, Doug Hellmann <d...@doughellmann.com> wrote:
> We rather quickly came to consensus at the summit that we should drop the use 
> of namespace packages in Oslo libraries [1]. As far as I could tell, everyone 
> was happy with my proposed approach [2] of moving the code from oslo.foo to 
> oslo_foo and then creating a backwards-compatibility shim in oslo.foo that 
> imports public symbols from oslo_foo. We also agreed that we would not rename 
> existing libraries, and we would continue to use the same naming convention 
> for new libraries. So the distribution and git repository both will be called 
> “oslo.foo” and the import statement would look like “from oslo_foo import 
> bar”.

We have made good progress on this work [1]. Because the release of 
oslo.concurrency before the holidays exposed some issues with our process, we 
have held off on releasing any more libraries until those problems were worked 
out. We believe we are now ready to start releasing the other libraries, and 
are going to start doing so this week.

I plan to release a new version of oslo.config later today, and then wait a few 
hours to see if there are any issues (if you start seeing odd behavior related 
to oslo.config, please report it in #openstack-oslo). When we are confident 
that the release is working, we will continue with the other libraries with 
similar pauses over the course of the rest of the week.

As each library is released, we will send release notes to this list, as usual. 
At that point the Oslo liaisons should start planning patches to change imports 
in their projects from "oslo.foo" to “oslo_foo". The old imports should still 
work for now, but new features will not be added to the old namespace, so over 
time it will be necessary to make the changes anyway. We are likely to remove 
the old namespace package completely during the next release cycle, but that 
hasn't been decided.



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