On 01/09/2015 11:44 AM, Thierry Carrez wrote:
Hi stable-maint people,

We seem to still have a number of issues with stable branch in the gate,
both in Icehouse and Juno. I'd like to help where I can but I have a bit
of a hard time tracking down the remaining failures and things that have
already been worked on (we really need a dashboard there...)

Ihar & Adam: as Icehouse and Juno champions, could you post a quick
status update here, and let us know where the rest of us can help ?


- tempest, nova failures due to fresh boto release.
To be fixed with: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/146049/ (needs backports to Juno and Icehouse, and merge of openstack bot patches to nova and tempest repos)

recently fixed:
- keystone failed before due to new pip, fixed with I3e0f1c2d9a859f276f74cb1d1477f92fe8a7524e. - nova failed before due to huge logs filled with DeprecationWarning warnings (fixed with latest stevedore release).

Other than that, there were some failures due to pypi mirror issues.

In the future, how could we better communicate on that ? Should we make
more use of #openstack-stable to communicate on issues and progress ?
Should we set up a Stable status wiki page ?
I think we should have some common document (etherpad?) with branch status and links.

Another topic is the mentoring of new propose $PROJECT-stable-maint
members. We have a number of proposed people to contact and introduce
the stable branch policy to (before we add them to the group):

Erno Kuvaja (glance-stable-maint)
Amrith Kumar (trove-stable-maint)
Lin-Hua Cheng (horizon-stable-maint)

Is someone in stable-maint-core interested in reaching out to them ? If
not I'll probably handle that.

I would expect stable liaisons to handle that. Don't we have those assigned to the projects?


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