I understand that you're moving content out of the wiki, which I think will be 
fine, as long as the wiki provides links to the new content location. Is that 
the intention?

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Stefano Maffulli wrote:
> The wiki served for many years the purpose of 'poor man CMS' when we 
> didn't have an easy way to collaboratively create content. So the wiki 
> ended up hosting pages like 'Getting started with OpenStack', demo 
> videos, How to contribute, mission, to document our culture / shared 
> understandings (4 opens, release cycle, use of blueprints, stable 
> branch policy...), to maintain the list of Programs, meetings/teams, 
> blueprints and specs, lots of random documentation and more.
> Lots of the content originally placed on the wiki was there because 
> there was no better place. Now that we have more mature content and 
> processes, these are finding their way out of the wiki like:
>       * http://governance.openstack.org
>       * http://specs.openstack.org
>       * http://docs.openstack.org/infra/manual/
> Also, the Introduction to OpenStack is maintained on 
> www.openstack.org/software/ together with introductory videos and 
> other basic material. A redesign of openstack.org/community and the 
> new portal groups.openstack.org are making even more wiki pages obsolete.
> This makes the wiki very confusing to newcomers and more likely to 
> host conflicting information.

One of the issues here is that the wiki also serves as a default starting page 
for "all things not on www.openstack.org" (its main page is a list of relevant 
links). So at the same time we are moving authoritative content out of the wiki 
to more appropriate, version-controlled and peer-reviewed sites, we are still 
relying on the wiki as a reference catalog or starting point to find those more 
appropriate sites. That is IMHO what creates the confusion on where the 
authoritative content actually lives.

So we also need to revisit how to make navigation between the various web 
properties of OpenStack more seamless and discoverable, so that we don't rely 
on the wiki starting page for that important role.

> I would propose to restrict the scope of the wiki to things that 
> anything that don't need or want to be peer-reviewed. Things like:
>   * agendas for meetings, sprints, etc
>   * list of etherpads for summits
>   * quick prototypes of new programs (mentors, upstream training) 
> before they find a stable home (which can still be the wiki)

+1 -- I agree on the end goal... Use the wiki a bit like we use
etherpads or pastebins, and have more appropriate locations for all of our 
reference information. It will take some time but we should move toward that.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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