One thing that has come up in the past couple of API WG meetings [1] is just 
how useful a proper API definition would be for the OpenStack projects.

By API definition I mean a format like Swagger, RAML, API Blueprint, etc. These 
formats are a machine/human readable way of describing your API. Ideally they 
drive the implementation of both the service and the client, rather than 
treating the format like documentation where it’s produced as a by product of 
the implementation.

I think this blog post [2] does an excellent job of summarizing the role of API 
definition formats.

Some of the other benefits include validation of requests/responses, easier 
review of API design/changes, more consideration given to client design, 
generating some portion of your client code, generating documentation, mock 
testing, etc. 

If you have experience with an API definition format, how has it benefitted 
your prior projects?

Do you think it would benefit your current OpenStack project?



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