It's also should be mentioned that these are several changes to do on
backend in order for UI to work faster, not on UI itself. For example,
these are:

- Custom filters, as Vitaly mentioned
- Pagination of collections
- PATCH requests support
- Probably both short and /full representations for some entities

On Fri, Jan 16, 2015 at 8:48 AM, Vitaly Kramskikh
<> wrote:
> Folks,
> Currently Fuel UI can handle large amounts of nodes due to a recent
> refactoring - rendering and operations with nodes became much faster. But
> that large amount of nodes also requires UX improvement, I'd love to hear
> your ideas and opinions on these proposals:
> Introduce compact node representation and let users switch between standart
> and compact view. Compact view will display only node name and status and
> will allow to display 4-8 nodes in a row instead of only one.
> Currently it is only possible to filter node by names. Filtering feature
> could be extended to allow filtering by other parameters: status, roles,
> manufacturer, RAM, disk space. There are 2 options (I'd like to hear which
> one you prefer):
> Form-based filter (beside a single input for name there will be controls for
> other parameters)
> Query language-based filter (like one used in Gerrit)
> Add ability to add arbitrary tags with values to nodes and also allow
> filtering by them.
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