Hi folks!

After moving python-fuelclient to its own repo some of you started asking a 
good question which is How do we manage core rights in different Fuel 
repositories. The problem is that there is a single fuel-core group which is 
used for all fuel-* repos, except for python-fuelclient.

The approach mentioned above does not work very well at the moment and so I’d 
like to propose a different one:

- Every new or separated project shoud introduce it’s own -core group.
 -  That group vill only contain active core reviewers for only that project.
 -  Removing or adding people will be done according to Approved OpenStack 
- fuel-core group will be reduced to the smallest possible number of people and 
only include the guys
 who must have decision making powers according to Fuel project’s rules.
 - fuel-core will be included to any other fuel-*core group
 - elections to the fuel-core group will take place according to Fuel’s policies
 - fuel-core group members are required for supervising reasons and taking an 
action in emergency cases

- romcheg

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