It is still mentioned in the Juno installation docs:

By default, the Identity service stores expired tokens in the database 
indefinitely. The
accumulation of expired tokens considerably increases the database size and 
might degrade
service performance, particularly in environments with limited resources.
We recommend that you use cron to configure a periodic task that purges expired 
# (crontab -l -u keystone 2>&1 | grep -q token_flush) || \
echo '@hourly /usr/bin/keystone-manage token_flush >/var/log/keystone/
keystone-tokenflush.log 2>&1' \
>> /var/spool/cron/keystone

Mike Smith
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On Jan 24, 2015, at 10:03 AM, Daniel Comnea 
<<>> wrote:

Hi all,

I just bumped into Sebastien's blog where he suggested a cron job should run in 
production to tidy up expired tokens - see blog[1]

Could you please remind me if this is still required in IceHouse/ Juno? (i kind 
of remember i've seen some work being done in this direction but i can't find 
the emails)


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