Excerpts from Tim Bell's message of 2015-01-25 22:10:10 -0800:
> This is often mentioned as one of those items which catches every OpenStack 
> cloud operator at some time. It's not clear to me that there could not be a 
> scheduled job built into the system with a default frequency (configurable, 
> ideally).
> If we are all configuring this as a cron job, is there a reason that it could 
> not be built into the code ?
It has come up before.

The main reason not to build it into the code as it's even better to
just _never store tokens_:


or just use certs:


The general thought is that putting lots of things in the database that
don't need to be stored anywhere is a bad idea. The need for the cron
job is just a symptom of that bug.

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