The following review for Kilo deprecates the EC2 API in Nova -

There are a number of reasons for this. The EC2 API has been slowly
rotting in the Nova tree, never was highly tested, implements a
substantially older version of what AWS has, and currently can't work
with any recent releases of the boto library (due to implementing
extremely old version of auth). This has given the misunderstanding that
it's a first class supported feature in OpenStack, which it hasn't been
in quite sometime. Deprecating honestly communicates where we stand.

There is a new stackforge project which is getting some activity now - The intent and hope is that is
the path forward for the portion of the community that wants this
feature, and that efforts will be focused there.

Comments are welcomed, but we've attempted to get more people engaged to
address these issues over the last 18 months, and never really had
anyone step up. Without some real maintainers of this code in Nova (and
tests somewhere in the community) it's really no longer viable.


Sean Dague

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