> I'm with Daniel on that one. We shouldn't "deprecate" until we are 100%
> sure that the replacement is up to the task and that strategy is solid.

My problem with this is: If there wasn't a stackforge project, what
would we do? Nova's in-tree EC2 support has been rotting for years now,
and despite several rallies for developers, no real progress has been
made to rescue it. I don't think that it's reasonable to say that if
there wasn't a stackforge project we'd just have to suck it up and
magically produce the developers to work on EC2; it's clear that's not
going to happen.

Thus, it seems to me that we need to communicate that our EC2 support is
going away. Hopefully the stackforge project will be at a point to
support users that want to keep the functionality. However, the fate of
our in-tree support seems clear regardless of how that turns out.


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