On 02/02/2015 10:26 AM, Chris Dent wrote:
pecan-swagger looks cool but presumably pecan has most of the info
you're putting in the decorators in itself already? So, given an
undecorated pecan app, would it be possible to provide it to a function
and have that function output all the paths?

you are correct, pecan is storing most of the information we want in it's controller metadata. i am working on the next version of pecan-swagger now that will reduce the need for so many decorators, and instead pull the endpoint information out of the pecan based controller classes.

in terms of having a completely undecorated pecan app, i'm not sure that's possible just yet due to the object-dispatch routing used by pecan. in the next version of pecan-swagger i'm going to reduce the deocrators to only be needed on controller classes, but i'm not sure that it will be possible to reduce further as there will need to be some way to learn the route path hierarchy.

i suppose in the future it might be advantageous to create a pecan controller base class that could help inform the routing structure, but this would still need to be added to current pecan projects.


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