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On Thu, 29 Jan 2015, michael mccune wrote:

in a similar vein, i started to work on marking up the sahara and barbican code bases to produce swagger. for sahara this was a little easier as flask makes it simple to query the paths. for barbican i started a pecan-swagger[1] project to aid in marking up the code. it's still in infancy but i have a few ideas.

pecan-swagger looks cool but presumably pecan has most of the info
you're putting in the decorators in itself already? So, given an
undecorated pecan app, would it be possible to provide it to a function
and have that function output all the paths?

(Following up for sake of completeness.)

I did some digging around pecan today and as far as I can pecan
itself doesn't directly know its available paths. I had assumed that
when it loaded itself up it traversed the available controllers and
created a routing table that is then used henceforth for dispatch.
Turns out this is not the case. Instead for every incoming path it
does a lookup, traversing the classes that make up the app,
descending the tree as the path matches.

Presumably one could write code to do this traversal but I had
thought (hoped) it would be easier than that: just access the data
structure not create it.

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