On 2015-02-03 16:40:59 +0200 (+0200), Eduard Matei wrote:
> We have some questions regarding the Gerrit workflow and what
> should we do next for our patch to be merged:
> 1. Once we have a CodeReview +2 and a Jenkins Verified +1 what
> should we do next to get the patch merged?

A core reviewer for that project needs to approve the change:


> 2. If we have a CodeReview +2 and we want to fix an issue, does
> the next patchset keep the CR +2 ?

All CR votes other than -2 are cleared on a new patchset, unless
it's a trivial enough rebase that the output of `git patch-id`
matches between the old patchset and the new patchset:


> 3. Once the patch is merged, if we have further changes do we have
> to create a new patch (blueprint/bug report)?

Yes, once a change is approved and merged it is published and
intractable. At that point further code modification requires
putting an entirely new change through review:

Jeremy Stanley

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