Doug, thanks for responding so quickly to this.  I had flagged it and was 
searching for just this email.

Ankit, thanks for raising the issue.  It *is* key.

I agree with Doug that this should be a cross-project spec.  Right now, Glance 
is moving in this direction, but as many have seen on the mailing list, 
request-id mappings are getting more discussion and are a hot request from 

It would be great if Ankit could write the cross-project spec by taking his 
nova work and genericizing it to be useable by multiple projects.

My biggest question for a cross-project spec like this is how do we get the 
attention and eyeballs of the right people in the individual projects to look 
at and comment on this?

Perhaps we can start with Oslo liaisons?  Any other ideas?  We are moving to 
introduce more and more cross-project needs as we try to make OpenStack more 
useable to both developers and users.


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About 12 hours ago in #openstack-oslo ankit_ag asked about the request_utils 
module that was removed from oslo-incubator and how to proceed to get it into 

The module was deleted a few days ago [1] because nothing was actually using it 
and it appeared to be related to a nova blueprint [2], the spec for which was 
abandoned at the end of juno [3]. The one copy that had been synced into cinder 
wasn’t being used, and was also deleted [4] as part of this housekeeping work.

As I said in the review, we removed the code from the incubator because it 
appeared to be a dead end. If that impression is incorrect, we should get the 
spec and blueprint resurrected (probably as a cross-project spec rather than 
just in nova) and then we can consider the best course for proceeding with the 


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