On Thu, Feb 5, 2015 at 4:31 AM, Daniel P. Berrange <berra...@redhat.com>

> Hi Team Nova,
> This is a message to alert everyone to the fact that the old hypervisor
> support matrix on the wiki[1], should really be considered obsolete.
> The canonical location for it going forward will be
>    http://docs.openstack.org/developer/nova/support-matrix.html
> That URL shows current GIT snapshot, releases will get their own URL
> when the time comes.
> The source for this document is part of Nova GIT in the path
>    doc/source/support-matrix.ini
> The docs are auto-generated from that ini file using a sphinx extension
>    doc/ext/support_matrix.py
> The CSS styling is in
>    doc/source/_static/support-matrix.css
> Some things to note here
>  - The new doc was populated based on the contents of the old wiki page
> from
>    about two months ago, so if there have been additions to the wiki in
> that
>    time, they might not all have been captured - depends how good I was at
>    figuring out changes.
>  - Improvements to the content and/or HTML styling should obviously be sent
>    as patches to Nova GIT in the files mentioned above, via normal Gerrit
>    review practice.
>  - Since it is in GIT, the support matrix is now able to record information
>    per release branch of Nova. So users can be clear about what features
>    their release of Nova supports, as opposed to playing guessing games.
>  - The in-tree document only covers features of the in-tree Nova drivers.
>    As such it does not include information about Docker or PowerKVM or
>    the (now deleted) BareMetal drivers. My currently suggestion is that
>    people maintaining out of tree drivers, should reuse the sphinx
> extension
>    to format their own support matrix ini file in their local GIT repo.

I think that maybe you have confused PowerKVM with PowerVM.  The PowerVM
driver was removed, but PowerKVM support is in tree with libvirt.

>    I've not deleted the wiki page, since in the short term it is the
>    only place with info about Docker/PowerKVM.
>  - When submitting a new virt driver for merge in Nova, you should add
>    it to the docs/source/support-matrix.ini file. This clearly shows
>    reviewers what feature set your initial code submission supports
>    For example, the Parallels team who have been adding Parallels support
>    to Libvirt for Kilo should submit a patch to update this matrix prior
>    to Kilo release.
>    Likewise people working on making libvirt KVM run on Arm and PPC
>    should update the matrix, since it only records x86 support status
>    for Libvirt currently.

I will push a patch to update the matrix shortly.

>  - When adding support for new APIs to existing drivers, rememeber to
>    update the docs/source/support-matrix.ini file to list the new
>    capability for the driver you changed.
>  - If adding new public API features, consider whether to add a new
>    feature line item to the docs/source/support-matrix.ini if it is
>    likely users need to know about support status across drivers.
>  - Against each line item feature, there is note about whether the
>    feature is considered mandatory to support in all drivers. The
>    current support matrix only lists 2 features as mandatory - start
>    and stop of instances. Everything else was left as optional on the
>    basis that at least one existing in-tree driver doesn't support
>    the feature.
>    It is very important to note that this is a *tentative* list. The
>    decision about mandatory vs optional features is subject to change
>    as it has *not* undergone detailed critique by Nova core team at
>    this time. IOW, we might make more features mandatory to support
>    in the future. TBD.
>  - There is clear scope for making the existing feature list more
>    fine grained. For example there are many different ways to configure
>    block storage for guests and only a few of them are captured in the
>    current support matrix. Likewise for networking, and many other
>    aspects of guest configuration.
> Sean has added the support matrix as a discussion item for today's
> Nova meeting, to evaluate what if any changes we need to make to it
> in the near term to better capture the current thoughts of Nova team
> about support status.
>   https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Nova#Agenda_for_next_meeting
> So either send questions in this thread or join the IRC meeting
> Regards,
> Daniel
> [1] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/HypervisorSupportMatrix
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