On Thu, Jan 15, 2015 at 6:20 PM, Vitaly Kramskikh <vkramsk...@mirantis.com>

> I want to discuss possibility to add network verification status field for
> environments. There are 2 reasons for this:
> 1) One of the most frequent reasons of deployment failure is wrong network
> configuration. In the current UI network verification is completely
> optional and sometimes users are even unaware that this feature exists. We
> can warn the user before the start of deployment if network check failed of
> wasn't performed.
> 2) Currently network verification status is partially tracked by status of
> the last network verification task. Sometimes its results become stale, and
> the UI removes the task. There are a few cases when the UI does this, like
> changing network settings, adding a new node, etc (you can grep
> "removeFinishedNetworkTasks" to see all the cases). This definitely should
> be done on backend.

Additional field on cluster like network_check_status? When it will be
populated with result?
I think it will simply duplicate task.status with network_verify name

Network check is not a single task.. Right now there is two, and probably
we will need one more right in this release (setup public network and ping
gateway). And AFAIK there is a need for other pre deployment verifications..

I would prefer to make a separate tab with pre_deployment verifications,
similar to ostf.
But if you guys want to make smth right now, compute status of network
verification based on task with name network_verify,
if you deleted this task from UI (for some reason) just add warning that
verification wasnt performed.
If there is more than one task with network_verify for any given cluster -
pick latest one.
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