Adrian Otto wrote:
> [...]
> We have multiple options for solving this challenge. Here are a few:
> 1) Cherry pick scheduler code from Nova, which already has a working a filter 
> scheduler design. 
> 2) Integrate swarmd to leverage its scheduler[2]. 
> 3) Wait for the Gantt, when Nova Scheduler to be moved out of Nova. This is 
> expected to happen about a year from now, possibly sooner.
> 4) Write our own filter scheduler, inspired by Nova.

I haven't looked enough into Swarm to answer that question myself, but
how much would #2 tie Magnum to Docker containers ?

There is value for Magnum to support other container engines / formats
(think Rocket/Appc) in the long run, so we should avoid early design
choices that would prevent such support in the future.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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