>> >> Tracking etherpad:
>> >> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/wedged-stable-gate-feb-2015

BTW there is a tracking etherpad updated by
linked in https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/StableBranch#Gate_Status and
announced on this list

>From crossed items in "Recently closed" section you can see that
branch champions have been busy.

> You are missing the fact that a bunch of us (Matt Treinish, myself and
> others) are frustrated by the fact that we end up fixing stable branches
> whenever they break because we touch tempest, grenade and other projects
> that require working stable branches. But we do not want to be working on
> stable branches ourselves.  I begrudgingly stepped up to work on pinning all
> requirements on stable branches, to reduce the number of times stable
> branches break and ruin my day. But my plan to cap dependencies has been
> delayed several times by stable branches breaking again and again, along
> with unwinding undesired behaviors in our testing harnesses.
> Most recently, stable/juno grenade broke on February 4th (due to the release
> of tempest-lib 0.2.0). This caused bug

So that's a change in tooling, not stable branch itself. Idea when 15
months for Icehouse was discussed was that branchless Tempest would
make it easier, but now it turns out that's making both tooling and
stable branch unhappy.

> What I expect to happen when issues like this arise is interested parties
> work together to fix things and be proactive and make stable testing more
> robust. Instead we currently have people who have no desire to work on
> stable branches maintaining them.

At least parts of stable team have been pro-active (see above
etherpad) but I guess we have a communication issue here: has
anyonetried to contact stable branch champions (juno=Adam,
icehouse=Ihar) and what exactly do you expect stable team to do?
AFAICT these are all changes in tooling where stable-maint is not core
(devstack, tempest)...

BTW Icehouse 2014.1.4 was planned[*] for Feb 19 with freeze starting
on Feb 12, I'll delay it for now until we sort the current situation



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