On 2015年02月10日 11:34, yuntong wrote:

On 2015年02月10日 05:12, gordon chung wrote:
> In nova api, a nova api.fault notification will be send out when the when 
> is en error.
> but i couldn't find where they are  processed  in ceilometer,
> an error notification can be very desired to be collected, do we have plan to
> add this, shall i need a bp to do that ?
there's a patch for review to store error info: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/153362/

This looks good,
but how do we do with other priority message like "WARN" ?

Yep, that's what i'm looking for, thanks,
another notification from nova that is missed in ceilometer is info from nova api:
this notify_decorator will decorate every nova/ec2 rest api and send out a notification for each api actions:
from which will send out notification like: "%s.%s.%s" % (module, key, method) ,
and no notification plugin in ceilometer to deal with them.
Let me know if i should file a bug for this.


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