Yep, that's what i'm looking for, thanks, 
another notification from nova that is missed in ceilometer is info from nova 
this notify_decorator will decorate every nova/ec2 rest api and send out a 
notification for each api actions:
from which will send out notification like: "%s.%s.%s" % (module, key, method) ,
and no notification plugin in ceilometer to deal with them.
Let me know if i should file a bug for this.
sorry, i missed this. so as i understand it, we do capture these values in 
ceilometer as they are published on same INFO topic. that said, they aren't 
converted to meters/samples but only stored as events (if you have events 
enabled).  is there something specifically measurable in these notifications? 
if so, we could look at adding it to ceilometer.
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