Pasquale Porreca,
The flexibility/ freedom to create meta data tags for images and Nova flavor 
extra specs can be confusing. Even allows one to make typographical errors that 
may be hard to detect.
As Daniel mentions, some tags have a definite meaning/semantics, others can be 
totally random.
Tags with semantic significance will typically be handled by special purpose 
filters, look in Nova/filters directory, /opt/stack/nova/nova/scheduler/filters
The filters documentation in Nova admin guide may help too.
All the rest are just matched as strings.
Hope that helps.

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On Wed, Feb 11, 2015 at 10:23:54AM +0100, Pasquale Porreca wrote:
> Hello
> I am working on a little patch that introduce a new flavor extra-spec 
> and image metadata key-value pair 
> I am wondering how an openstack admin can be aware that a specific 
> value of a flavor extra-spec or image metadata provides a feature he 
> may desire, in other words is there a place where the flavor 
> extra-specs and/or image metadata key-value pairs are documented?

Unfortunately, there's none as of now. I found this the hard way that you 
cannot trivially find all possible 'extra_spec' key values that can be set by 
`nova flavor-key`

I did gross things like this:

    $ grep hw\: nova/virt/ nova/tests/unit/virt/ | 
sort | uniq

And, obviously the above will only find you 'hw' properties.

Daniel Berrangé once suggested that image properties and flavor extra specs 
need to be 'objectified' to alleviate this.

> I found plenty of documentation on how to list, create, delete, etc.
> flavor extra-spec and image metadata, but the only place where I found 
> a list (is that complete?) of the accepted (i.e. that trigger specific 
> feature in nova) key-value pairs is in horizon dashboard, when logged 
> with admin credential.
> I am a bit confused on how someone working to add a new key/value pair 
> should proceed.


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