I do not think that that is a healthy solution. That effectively would
render a cluster down if the compute node goes down. That would be a real
disaster. The ugly work around is setting the host names to be the same
This is something that we should discuss at the next summit and I would
hope to propose a topic to talk about.

On 2/11/15, 5:31 PM, "Matthew Booth" <mbo...@redhat.com> wrote:

>I just posted this:
>as an alternative fix for critical bug:
>I've just knocked this up quickly for illustration: it obviously needs
>plenty of cleanup. I have confirmed that it works, though.
>Before I take it any further, though, I'd like to get some feedback on
>the approach. I prefer this to the alternative, because the underlying
>problem is deeper than supporting evacuate. I'd prefer to be honest with
>the user and just say it ain't gonna work. The alternative would leave
>Nova running in a broken state, leaving inconsistent state in its wake
>as it runs.
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