I'd like to request a feature freeze exception for the change,
           This change implements NestedQuotaDriver that does the quota 
management in nested projects.

           The specs has been merged : https://review.openstack.org/#/c/129420/

           The blueprint was approved.

            But due to Feature Freeze,its status was changed to "Pending 
Approval" .

Keystone already supports nested projects. This change implements the quota  
management  of those nested projects. Without this change(NestedQuotaDriver), 
Nova will not be able to support nested projects,even if they exist in 
keystone.NestedQuotaDriver is made by adding nested quota functionality to the 
existing DbQuotaDriver. It is a superset of DbQuotaDriver and its supports one 
to N levels of projects.That is,it can support nested as well as non-nested 

The implementation of NestedQuotaDriver is over and the code is under review. 
All the use cases mentioned in the blue print have been implemented. It is 
supposed to become the default quota driver of nova.To avoid any potential 
risks,it can be deployed as an optional driver in the current release(Kilo) and 
can be made default in the next release(L).

Kindly grant freeze exception for the change.Nested projects are very important 
for large organizations like CERN who are waiting for this code to get merged 
in Kilo.Yahoo also has  expressed keen interest in this feature.

                      best regards
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