At our last meeting I volunteered to figure out what we need to do for
milestone 2. Here is what I propose:

Repo cleanup:
We tag today's release with 2015.1.0b2. This is copying tag the other
openstack projects are using. I believe below is the correct syntax. Let me
know if there is a cleaner way and/or if setting the head pointer to a
specific commit is more accurate.

git checkout master
git pull --ff-only
git tag -s 2015.1.0b2
git push gerrit 2015.1.0b2

Launchpad cleanup:
I move all the blueprints and bugs from the juno series and kilo m1 to kilo
m2. I then remove the juno series and kilo m1. I release kilo m2. I upload
the congress tar file kilo m2.

Next Steps:
We target releasing kilo m3 on 19 march and repeating most of the above
steps. I won't be deleting any milestones or series this time. We also
target releasing the congress kilo release on 30 april.

~ sean
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