There is a patch on resize https://review.openstack.org/#/c/117116/
To address the resize,  there are some suggestions and please refer the review 
comments on this patch.

Kanagaraj M

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On Thursday, February 12, 2015, Rui Chen 
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    Currently, resizing instance cause migrating from the host that the 
instance run on to other host, but maybe the current host is suitable for new 
flavor. Migrating will lead to copy image between hosts if no shared storage, 
it waste time.
    I think that priority resizing instance on the current host may be better 
if the host is suitable.
    The logic like this:

if CONF.allow_resize_to_same_host:
    filte current host
    if suitable:
       resize on current host
       select a host
       resize on the host

    I don't know whether there have been some discussion about this question. 
Please let me know what do you think. If the idea is no problem, maybe I can 
register a blueprint to implement it.

But the nova.conf flag for that already exists?

What I would suggest, however, is that some logic is put in to determine 
whether the disk size remains the same while the cpu/ram size is changing - if 
so, then resize the instance on the host without the disk snapshot and copy.

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