Bryan and Zhipeng,

Sean Roberts (CCed) is planning to be in Santa Rosa.   Sean’s definitely there 
on Wed.  Less clear about Thu/Fri.

I don’t know if I’ll make the trip yet, but I’m guessing Wed early afternoon if 
I can.


On Feb 11, 2015, at 9:04 PM, SULLIVAN, BRYAN L 
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Hi Tim,

It would be great to meet with members of the Congress project if possible at 
our meetup in Santa Rosa. I plan by then to have a basic understanding of 
Congress and some test driver apps / use cases to demo at the meetup. The goal 
is to assess the current state of Congress support for the use cases on the 
OPNFV wiki:<>

I would be doing the same with ODL but I’m not as far on getting ready with it. 
So the opportunity to discuss the use cases under Copper and the other 
policy-related projects
 with Congress experts would be great.

Once we understand the gaps in what we are trying to build in OPNFV, the goal 
for our first OPNFV release is to create blueprints for new work in Congress. 
We might also just find some bugs and get directly involved in Congress to 
address them, or start a collaborative development project in OPNFV for that. 

Bryan Sullivan | Service Standards | AT&T

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Hi Zhipeng,

We’d be happy to meet.  Sounds like fun!

I don’t know of anyone on the Congress team who is planning to attend the LF 
collaboration summit.  But we might be able to send a couple of people if it’s 
the only real chance to have a face-to-face.  Otherwise, there are a bunch of 
us in and around Palo Alto.  And of course, phone/google hangout/irc are fine 
options as well.


On Feb 11, 2015, at 8:59 AM, Zhipeng Huang 
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Hi Congress Team,

As you might already knew, we had a project in OPNFV covering deployment policy 
 in which we identify Congress as one of the upstream projects that we need to 
put our requirement to. Our team has been working on setting up a simple 
openstack environment with congress integrated that could demo simple use cases 
for policy deployment.

Would it possible for you guys and our team to find a time do an 
Copper/Congress interlock meeting, during which Congress Team could introduce 
how to best integrate congress with "vanilla" openstack? Will some of you 
attend LF Collaboration Summit?

Thanks a lot :)

Zhipeng (Howard) Huang

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Huawei Technologies Co,. Ltd
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