Hi list,

I would like to add the 'add' capability to the HTTP glance store.

Let's say I (as an operator or cloud admin) provide an HTTP server where
(authenticated/trusted) users/clients can make the following HTTP request :

POST http://server1/myLinuxImage HTTP/1.1
Host: server1
Content-Length: 256000000
Content-Type: application/octet-stream


Then the HTTP server will store the binary data, somewhere (for instance
locally), some how (for instance in a plain file), so that the data is
later on accessible by a simple GET http://server1/myLinuxImage

In that case, this HTTP server could easily be a full fleshed Glance store.

Questions :
1) Has this been already discussed/proposed ? If so, could someone give me
a pointer to this work ?
2) Can I start working on this ? (the 2 main work items are : 'add an add
method to glance_store._drivers.http.Store' and 'add a delete method to
glance_store._drivers.http.Store (HTTP DELETE method)'

What do you think ?
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