On 16 February 2015 at 21:29, Angus Lees <g...@inodes.org> wrote:
> Conntrack synchronisation gets us HA on the SNAT node, but that's a long way
> from distributed SNAT.
> Distributed SNAT (in at least one implementation) needs a way to allocate
> unique [IP + ephemeral port ranges] to hypervisors, and then some sort of
> layer4 loadbalancer capable of forwarding the ingress traffic to that IP
> back to the right hypervisor/guest based on the ephemeral port range.  It's
> basically very much like floating IPs, only you're handing out a sub-slice
> of a floating-IP to each machine - if you like.

Or a pool of SNAT addresses ~= to the size of the hypervisor count.


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