On 02/18/2015 09:58 AM, John Dickinson wrote:
> My point is that while I support logging every OpenStack channel, 
> please realize that it does come with a cost. Think back to the 
> conversations that happen over drinks late at night at OpenStack 
> Summits. I've had many of those with many of you. What's said
> there is private and wouldn't be said in a public IRC channel. And
> that's ok. People need a way to brainstorm ideas and express
> frustration, and a public place isn't generally where that
> happens.

Good point.  I agree that it comes at a cost.  I originally resisted
logging #openstack-nova because of that cost.  The channel used to be
much smaller and originally felt like a much more casual environment
like bonding with the team over some beers.

That's not the reality anymore.  It's a very public forum (as it
should be) and useful discussions happen there.  I support logging all
of our OpenStack channels and have re-proposed doing so for -nova.


Russell Bryant

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