On 18/02/15 16:07 +0000, Michael Krotscheck wrote:
   You got my intention right: I wanted to understand better what lead
   some people to create a private channel, what were their needs.

I'm in a passworded channel, where the majority of members work on OpenStack,
but whose common denominator is "We're in the same organizational unit in HP".
We talk about openstack, we talk about HP, we talk about burning man, we talk
about movies, good places to drink - it's a nice little backchannel of idle
chatter. There have been a few times when things related to OpenStack came up,
and in that case we've booted the topic to a public channel (There was an
example just yesterday). Either way, in this case a private channel was created
 because we could potentially be discussing corporate things, it's more
analogous to your Teams' internal Hipchat or IRC server (in fact, it started in
HipChat, and then we were all 'why do we have to use another chat client' and
that ended that).

So there's one use case.

I think the above is perfectly fine and it has nothing to do with
OpenStack. What Stefano (and all of us) is trying to understand is why
part of our community needed a private IRC channel for "core
reviewers" to hangout together. For the later, I don't think there's a
use case.

I'm not arguing on the general use case for a private IRC channel, I'm
arguing on the need of such channels for a specific set of core


Flavio Percoco

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