Hi Everyone,

Based on the last IRC, I thought we could start a discussion on ML on topics 
and then maybe on how we want to discuss durin the summit.
Follows some items we may wish to discuss:

1.       LBaaS API additions (assuming TLS and L7 will be there):

a.       L3 based traffic routing - LB, listener, pool selection based on 
source IP network classes

b.      TLS phase 2:

                                                               i.      Client 
side re-encryption

                                                             ii.      Client 

c.       Service Insertion models (in addition to proxy based)

Transparent mode

d.      Object sharing (yes/no)

                                                               i.      Pools

e.      Monitoring APIs

Integration with Ceilometer

f.        Batch updates - create a full configuration graph and control when it 
get scheduled

2.       Quota support (ex: max number of LBs, listeners, TLS certificates, 

3.       HEAT integration

4.       Horizon Support

5.       LBaaS API extensions - ability to add "experimental and vendor APIs"


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