I was playing around with the various dhcp/radvd options of neutron.
Very helpful was the matrix [1] that describes the combinations of ra
and adress mode that can be configured.

For dhcpv6-stateful (ra & adress mode) it says: "VM obtains IPv6 address
from dnsmasq using DHCPv6 stateful and optional info from dnsmasq using
DHCPv6 stateful" [1] --> My assumption was that IP adresses and prefix
are assigned via dnsmasq. 

But going this way, my instances got the right IP-Adress (great) but
always the subnetmask /128, although I configured /64. Dumping the
traffic and having a look at dnsmasq logs the dhcp process from solicit
to reply worked fine.

I was using rhel7 for guest and host and dnsmasq 2.68.

I googled around and found some hints, that dhcpv6 does not support
prefix delegation. Seems like that it is the job of the radvd daemon

Is that true? And if so, what's the use case of configuring
dhcpv6-stateful for ra and address mode?


[2] https://lists.isc.org/pipermail/dhcp-users/2012-May/015446.html

(irc: scheuran)

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