Hi clarkb, fungi,
   As discussed in
( 2015-02-19T14:51:46 onwards), I am starting this thread to track the
abrupt job failures seen on cinder-glusterfs CI job in the recent past.

A small summary of the things that happened until now ...

For some reason we are seeing the centos7 glusterfs CI job getting
aborted/killed either by Java exception
or the build getting aborted due to timeout.

- due to hudson Java exception*

- due to build timeout*

For a list of all job failures, see


Most of the failures are of type #1

As a result of whcih the cinder-glusterfs CI job was removed ...

Per the discussion on IRC (see link above), fungi graciously agreed to
debug this as it looks like happening on the 'rax' provider. Thanks fungi
and clarkb :)

Hoping to root cause this soon and get the cinder-glusterfs CI job back
online soon.

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