Hey Everyone,

Anteaya was kind enough to ask in the Cinder channel about some tests
that were added to the gate for SheepDog [1].  I would like to know
why there's no process for the projects that are impacted by these
changes to have input?  At the very least if someone is adding test
requirements against the Cinder project for example it should have
votes on the review from Cinder Core members.

Nobody on the Cinder team seems to have had any information regarding
this change (or the Ceph config that was added for that matter).  It
seems odd to me that I hear discussions about the burden on infra
resources regarding the number of projects in OpenStack and what's
taking place there but then at the same time that group merges things
like this?  If there have been discussions with the Cinder PTL in
these cases then forgive me, I wasn't aware and I'll just move along.

My other question is, why is anybody setting up and maintaining their
own CI system?  Couldn't I just setup a stackforge project that
deploys my software in an Instance and push it to infra as well?
Doesn't this seem a bit wrong to anybody else, using Foundation
resources for my own gain?

Also, I think it creates some confusion; we either have a reference
implementation or we don't.  If somebody wants to propose changing
what the reference implementation is that's fine but that should be
handled by the affected project not by a change submitted to the infra

I've actually been of the opinion that devstack and our internal gate
is bloated with plugins and options and should actually be scaled
down.  We should certainly provide mechanisms for any plugin to be
configured via devstack for example but I don't think the code belongs
"in" devstack; it should be externally maintained in my opinion... but
that's a whole separate rant I suppose.


[1]: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/154605/

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