On 18:49 Thu 19 Feb     , John Griffith wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 19, 2015 at 5:59 PM, Clark Boylan <cboy...@sapwetik.org> wrote:
> > For open source projects that don't require special hardware we have
> > wanted more people to cooperate with Infra to run tests upstream. Third
> > party CI is a great solution for when you cannot redistribute certain
> > pieces of software or specific hardware is required. But in general if
> > it is open source and we can test it in our clouds then we would at
> > least like to talk about doing it that way.
> Fair enough, I wasn't aware that this was the direction we had taken.
> I certainly agree with the need for other ways to help out Open Source
> projects.  My only concern in this case was that I know there has been
> a lot of work by first Duncan and now Mike to try and keep track of
> and communicate driver testing efforts.  This sort of came out of
> nowhere for me personally and a number of other people on the Cinder
> team.  If nothing else it would just be good to know what efforts are
> in progress.  For the record I have no issue with the SheepDog driver
> (well assuming it's up to date now; it had fallen pretty far behind as
> of Juno).  That's the sort of thing that I think does impact Cinder,
> verifying the project is actually active in Cinder, that there's some
> visible maintenance and that it actually "works".  Granted that would
> be sorted out soon enough just by the process itself I suppose.


Ceph, Gluster and SheepDog maintainers have been in contact with me about
progress, and including me on these reviews. I was also not aware of the
assistance being given to Open Source solutions, but makes sense to me.

Mike Perez

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